Our wide range of products for the care and equipment of your garden convinces professionals and private garden owners:

It starts with lawn cutting by a mowing robot, targeted irrigation of your lawn and bed surfaces and ends with a pleasant lighting in the evening hours - we have your individual solution for your garden.

Discover our mowing robots that cut the lawn without any effort and keep the best growth. At the same time you protect the environment and also save on cutting material removal.

With us, you will find intelligent products which make the maintenance of your garden considerably easier.


Turn on the water! To ensure that your green areas appear in full splendour, they must be watered. The optimum irrigation system is individually tailored to their requirements. Micro-irrigation or drip irrigation, ornate tap or hidden sources of water - there are almost no limits to our creative ideas. High-quality components ensure long-lasting pleasure. In combination with sophisticated control units, the system takes charge of the irrigation work and distributes the water exactly where it is needed. Use water effectively - with Aqua-Technik.

The Aqua-Technik Online-Shop offers a wide range of products from different  brand manufacturers. With a few mouse clicks you can compile  your system.

Spot on! With spotlights, indirect lighting and many other outdoor lighting products you can give your garden an absolutely new look.

Fascinating light in the evening hours can make gardens and parks seem magical. Many details can be taken directly into account when planning. But subsequent  installation is also possible any time with the products from the Aqua-technology Online Shop.

Illumination can give your garden added interest in several ways. You can use it to highlight individual shrubs or trees whilst it also serves as markers for orientation in the dark and creates a unique ambience.

Water can look so spectacular! The right fountain, or perhaps a garden shower are often the last missing details. In the Aqua-Technology Online Shop you will find a selection of different types of fountains which will set the scene for the water in various ways. Be inspired by one of our products in the Aqua-technology Online Shop.

Design, materials and workmanship speak for themselves: the high-quality, exclusive objects enhance every type of surrounding. In combination with the correct lighting, each object on the water becomes a fascinating work of art.

Pure Relaxation  

A pond is the highlight of every garden or park. It can be designed in many different ways and therefore individually. The optimal expanse of water is adapted to the surroundings so that a harmonious overall impression is created. You decide what type of pond is the right one and we offer you the appropriate technology and the necessary material.

In the Aqua-Technik online shop you will find all the equipment needed for every pond . Pond liners, filter-systems and pumps are available in various designs.