Our experts' know-how for your professional business

The requirements for gardeners and landscape builders in irrigation are continually evolving. We train you specifically in the handling and installation of irrigation systems. Learn more about the latest water technology and innovations in irrigation. We will be at your service as experts to assist you in solving problems.

With us, you can choose from a wide range of products from numerous manufacturers. Due to extensive inventory, we deliver your order quickly and reliably to you or to your construction site.
We are constantly developing our products - take advantage of our knowledge and stay with us at the latest state of the irrigation technology.

Our services to rise up your business:

Aqua-Technik does the planning for you. More beautiful than a natural landscape  -  gardens and parks have to be planned carefully  in order to achieve  their full splendour.  Our experts keep in mind all the necessary components and will provide you with the data. Part of this includes a well-thought-out scheme for irrigation and illumination. To round off, we will provide you with offers for items of material as well as a list of fitters and garden and landscape designers  in your area.

Many experts and partners appreciate our competence. You too can benefit from our support. As a kind of "construction management" we can coordinate and inspect the work on-site and thus contribute to a successful completion of your project. The dimension as well as the duration of our service on site is defined individually and is the subject of ongoing discussion with the customer.